Policy and Procedures


Drop-in/short-term child care is defined by law in G.S. 110-86(2)(d)(d1) as a child care arrangement where care is provided while parents participate in activities that are not employment related, and where the parents are on the premises or otherwise easily accessible.  We must be able to reach the parent by telephone, cell phone, or email, etc., if they are not on the premises. The parent must be able to get back to the program within 15 minutes. Bryson’s Playroom may be used for a period of time that is no-longer than four hours in duration.

Bryson’s Playroom, Inc is not required to be licensed under North Carolina law G.S. 110-86. (2) B.

We are registered as a drop in childcare center in accordance with North Carolina laws and regulations.


Reservations are not needed to come to Bryson’s Playroom, Inc, but are encouraged. We do welcome reservations anytime to meet your childcare needs. Once the Playroom is at capacity we will not be allowed to accept any more children. We will be more than happy to put you on the waiting list and give you a call once a guest checks out.


For your convenience, you can pre-register your child here: Pre-Register Now. On your first visit we will confirm all of your registration information and afterwards your child will be checked in by a staff member. Please allow up to 15 minutes for this process. Upon entering the Playroom, all shoes should be removed and hands are sanitized. Parents, for safety reasons please do not allow your child to climb on or open the gate to the play area.


During checkout, you will be given the number of minutes used in the Playroom and a photo ID will be required every time to pick-up a child. Additionally, a child will only be released to persons designated on Registration Forms or in your Playroom profile.  All monies owed should be paid upon departure from the Playroom.


It is our policy at Bryson’s Playroom, Inc to encourage all children to make good choices about how they behave. We will do this with incentives, coaching and positive reinforcement. We will always attempt to redirect a child into another activity so as to remove them from a situation. For the safety of all the children, excessive aggressive behavior will result in the parent/legal guardian or emergency contact being contacted, and asked to come and pick up their child/children. Unfortunately, the child/children will not be allowed to return unless there is a great improvement in their behavior. Children are expected to act in manner that is appropriate for the social setting that they will be enjoying.

We encourage all children to clean-up after themselves, encouraged to share, listen to adults and participate in our scheduled activities. Should your child experience separation anxiety (crying when parent or legal guardian leaves) our staff will attempt to comfort the child and divert the child’s attention with activities. If after fifteen minutes this strategy does not work we will try to coddle the child to soothe the child and if after a further fifteen minutes this does not work the parent or legal guardian will be contacted to pick-up their child.


Our staff works extremely hard to keep the facility clean, it is very important to the health and safety of all the children that we work together to keep everything clean. Your child/children’s hands will be cleaned with a hand sanitizer prior to entering our facility. We ask that your child/children are appropriately dressed in clean play clothing.

In order to allow Bryson’s Playroom, Inc to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all the children, in our facility, we do not allow children to attend who are sick. We are extremely careful in our operation to protect your child against sickness. We ask that you do not bring your child to our facility if they have an illness.

Signs of illness below are indicators that let you know that your child should not come to Bryson’s Playroom, Inc.

  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Pink eye
  • Fever
  • Vomiting

If your child has had these symptoms within twenty-four hours you should not bring your child to our facility. Should your child become sick while at Bryson’s Playroom, Inc our staff will sensitively separate the child

from the other children (but will remain under our supervision) the parents/ Guardian will be contacted to pick up their child.

You will be asked to pick-up your child as soon as possible. In the event of minor bumps, bruises and cuts Bryson’s Playroom, Inc staff will administer first aid and inform you of what happened. During a medical emergency, your child will be transported to the appropriate medical facility through the use of the local emergency services for treatment at the expense of the parents/ guardian. Parents should please send children with shoes. Parent/ Legal guardian(s) are required to supply immunization records this is a State requirement.

Safe and Secure Environment

Bryson’s Playroom, Inc wants you to be completely reassured that the environment that your child is in is completely safe and secure. We provide this to you by having a visible facility with well trained, professional staff. There will always be at least one staff member who is CPR and first aid qualified; all staff has to have this training to remain employed by Bryson’s Playroom, Inc. No child will be checked-out unless a photo ID is presented and all emergency data is kept on site.

Customized Service

Bryson’s Playroom, Inc wants your child to feel as comfortable as possible, so please let us know if there are any special requirements or needs for your child. Breakfast, Lunch and or Dinner may be purchased for a cost of $3.50 for breakfast, $4.00 for lunch and $4.50 for dinner. If you wish to send a bag breakfast/lunch/dinner with your child, please feel free to do so ensure the container is properly marked. Do not send food that must be cooked as we cannot cook any food items for your child (we can heat up pre-cooked foods). You may also send snack items for your child however we do provide free snacks at scheduled times throughout the day. It is vitally important that during registration that you let us know of any allergies and dislikes.

If your child is not fully diaper trained please ensure that we are informed and send all necessary supplies (disposable diaper, training pants, diaper wipes and a clean change of clothes). Please note that our staff will gladly change any accidents. However, if we have to supply the materials there will be an additional charge of $1.50 per pamper.

What Should I Send?

While we welcome any comfort items for your child it is the parent/legal guardian’s responsibility to make sure these items return home with the child. We ask that you please do not bring toys or easily lost personal items. For your convenience, anything left at Bryson’s Playroom, Inc will be deposited in a lost and found and if not collected in 30 days it will be disposed of.

If your child/ children use sippy cups please send their personal cup with them, labeled with their name. If they are eating and normally wear a bib then send their bib with them. Again, please send diapers and wipes if child is still in diapers. Change of clothes for accidents and spills.

Thank you so much for considering Bryson’s Playroom, Inc for the opportunity to take care of your child. Your child’s safety, enjoyment and development is our number one priority, along with providing you with

drop-in childcare at your convenience! So please enjoy our services and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions that you have that will give you and your family the service you require and deserve.

Late Policy

Please understand our caregivers are only required to work until the end of their shifts so when a parent is late it makes it inconvenient for everyone.

If your child is picked up after we close the charge will be $5 per minute for the additional time they are in our care. Please be aware that if a child is not picked up 1 hour after closing and we have not made contact with a parent, the police will be alerted. Therefore, please be sure to contact us if you will be late.

We accept most major credit, debit cards, cashier’s checks, and money orders and personal checks. There is a 1 hour minimum charge.

Thank you and welcome to the BRYSON’S PLAYROOM, INC family.

12 months – 12 years
Monday ― Thursday: 8 AM―9 PM
Friday ― Saturday: 8 AM―11 PM  &  Sunday: 11 AM―6 PM

132 West Holly Springs Rd.
Holly Springs, NC  27540
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